Romanian President on Russia-Ukraine

Basescu_armyMany Romania’s Army reservists are now workers in EU countries like Italy, Spain, France or Germany and this is a problem discussed by the country’ s security council in connection with Russia-Ukraine crisis,  Romanian president Traian Basescu said in a TV interview. Millions of Romanians work and live in European Union countries, most of them in Spain and Italy.

Military analists said last time when reservists were mobilized was in 1968, when USSR invaded Czech Republic and Romanian communist leader Nicolae Ceausescu, who condamned the invasion, feared Romania would be also invaded by Red Army because of its relatively independent policy inside Warsaw Pact.

Military analist Ion Petrescu said a military proposal is to create a National Guard.

Still, Mr. Basescu doesn’t believe Romania will be attacked by Russia’s Army: ” I don’t think Russia will attack any NATO country. This would definetely mean war”.

Romanian President also said that if Russia decide to sent its Army to Ukraine, Europe would have no choice but to react. “In  this scenario, Europe shouldn’t hide anymore and say again “We will see..”. It would have to implement the third level of sanctions against Russia”, including stopping the energy import and the confiscation of Russian assets on EU territory.



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