Dracula Castle gets free promotion

brandraculacastleDracula’s Castle is FOR sale in the international media and NOT FOR sale in the Romanian media, it would be the conclusion of somebody who reads both titles in media like The Telegraph, Washington Post, Yahoo or Huffington Post and in the local newspapers in Romania. In the end, Castle Bran, the real name of the property located in Transylvania, is now a story all over the world, and this could be easily named free advertising for a location that relies mostly on foreign tourists.

“Buy a stake in Dracula’s Castle”, telegraph.co.uk titled few days ago. “If someone comes in with a reasonable offer, we will look at who they are, what they are proposing, and will seriously entertain the idea,”, New York lawyers of the owners, relatives of the Romanian Royal Family. This story has been later quoted in news all over the world, from UK to USA and Australia.

DraculaGoogleNews“Bran Castle is not for sale” and the article in British media is a compilation of articles published on internet several years ago, the lawyer of the owners, Habsburg family, Corin Trandafir, told Romanian media a day after the article in The Telegraph.

Anyway, he added, the Romanian Government has the pre-emption right to buy the castle, according to documents signed when the property was returned to the owners, 60 years after it had been confiscated by the communist regime after WWII. The castle had been offered by the family to Romanian Government for 60 mil. Euros in 2006, but the Romanian officials said it was too expensive.

For sale or not, Bran Castle business relies on foreign tourists – more than two thirds of visitors come from other countries. The total number of tourists is about half a million per year.

Bran Castle was one of the favourite places not of Dracula, but of a real character, Queen Marie f Romania, who was very popular among Romanians and  she was also involved in international politics. But the fame of Bran Castle and ther main reason it is so popular among foreign visitors is linked to Prince Dracula, the fiction character in the Irish writer Bram Stoker’s novel “Dracula”.

See more about castle’s history here:

The most visited place in Romania- Bran Castle-“Dracula” castle

Photo: turism24.net



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