Bribe affair in the family of the Romanian President

President’s brother while filmed with hidden camera

Mircea Basescu, Romanian’s President brother, has been arrested for receiving 250 000 Euros from underworld members in order to interfere with Justice and influence a Court decision. Hidden camera footage showing M. Basescu while discussed the deal with members of the clan has been broadcasted on Romanian stations during prime-time. Although he didn’t succeed to change the conviction, he refused to return the illegal payment to the underworld. The whole story brings a lot of questions and suspicions over the President himself, Traian Basescu, just five months before he ends his term; and it comes around somebody who has crusaded for years against corruption.

“Have the President told the whole truth?”, Romanian edition of Deutsche Welle comments. The President himself participated, in 2009, at a celebration with the same underworld members that later dealt with his brother.

His reason: they were among members of the Roma community and Basescu was looking for support from this minority for the Presidential elections. But they were also Mafia and T. Basescu had shaken their hands, while later his brother baptized one of their children, in front of the TV cameras.

When, more recently, the clan asked for their money back because Basescu’s brother didn’t help them with their Justice troubles, the President was informed, by his brother, that the clan is “blackmailing” him; at least this is what the President said after the whole story has exploded. So, T. Basescu has known something, but he kept silence, until the footage was shown on TV. Then, he went to the TV cameras and said he wouldn’t try to protect his brother, but the Justice to their job.

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