Romanians in Ukraine refuse to go to war

Members of Romanian minority in Ukrainean district of Cernauti blocked a national road, at the end of the last week, saying they refuse to go to war in Eastern Ukraine. Hundreds of men, some of them previously serving in the Ukrainean Army have recently received orders of mobilization.

„We cannot accept to be used as human shields in the conflict against Russian mercenaries”, said a protester, according to Romanian media.

„Among our men , there are young people without any military training, while the pro-Russians in the East are well trained and equipped, mercenaries from Russia or Chechnia”, a Romanian minority representative, Vasile Tarateanu, said.

Some of the young potential recruits even think of leaving the country, if the Government still wants to involve them in the conflict in Eastern Ukraine.

Cernauti (or Chernivtsy) is a region located at the border with Romania, in Northern Bukovina. The region was occupied by the Soviet Union during the Second World War.


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