UPDATE Ebola suspect in Romania

UPDATE. The man suspected of being infected with Ebola has malaria, and not Ebola, the Romanian officials stated on Monday.

A 51 years old man suspected of being infected with Ebola virus will be transfered from a hospital located in Ploiesti city to Romanian capital Bucharest, news agency Mediafax reported.  His family is also put under isolation, according to Romania TV.

The man came back to Romania from Nigeria in the end of July.

According to medical sources , the symptoms in his case are diarhhea and bleeding while defecating, and his body temperature is 38.4 degrees.  Doctors say his symptoms might indicate either Ebola or other disease, like malaria.

Complete medical tests will be started at the medical institute “Bals” in Bucharest, media reported.

UPDATE. The Ebola suspect is in the Bucharest hospital “Matei Bals”. Tests will be sent to Franfurt, Germany, where is located the only Ebola specialized laboratory in Europe and the results will be available no earlier than 72 hours, “Matei Bals” institute manager, Adrian Streinu Cercel, told Romanian media.

UPDATE:  A Romanian official, Adrian Streinu-Cercel, says that “in proportion of 99 per cent”, the suspicions that the man has been infected with Ebola are “not confirmed”.



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