Travel: 10 must see places in Romania

A journey through Romania can reveal amazing places, especially for those who know almost nothing about this country.  Here are 10 must see places in Romania:


?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Transfagarasan. „The best road in the world”, according to Top Gear. This beautiful mountain road was built by Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu as a strategic military route. Now it is one of the best places to see in post-communist Romania. Photo:


Bucovina-peisaj1-950Bucovina. Nice landscapes, nice houses, nice food and, first of all, nice people. Welcome to Bucovina, a historical province located in Northern Romania. It’s a region that was for long time under Austrian Empire rule, a multiethnic territory. Now it is a place mainly known for its beautiful monasteries and a also touristic attraction due to its beautiful landscapes.


ceausescupalaceCeausescu’s Palace” , now „Palace of Parliament”. Nicolae Ceausescu’s main architectural legacy, this building is the perfect example of a place that cannot be shown in one photo, because it is huge. The construction was finished in the 90s, after Ceausescu was executed during Romanian Revolution. The new Government refused to sell the building, altough offers were made by media magnate Rupert Murdoch and also by the Japanese Government. It is the largest administrative building in the world and also the most expensive in the world, because the total costs were estimated at 4 billions USD, according to World Record Academy. Photo:


merrycemeteryMerry Cemetery, village of Sapanta, Northern Romania. Have you ever thing that dead can come with a little bit of funny attitude? Well, in Sapanta village this is true. „This cemetery is unlike any I have ever seen; in fact, it’s unlike any other cemetery in the world. Here, instead of the usual boring stone grave markers and marble mausoleums that populate just about every other graveyard in the world, each plot is adorned with a colorfully-painted wooden cross, with a poem for a epitaph”, a writer notes for the website



castelul-branBran Castle, „Dracula Castle”. This is the main touristic destination in Romania, because of its fictional „resident”, Count Dracula. The truth is that Bram Stoker never visited this place. For Romanians, the most important historical character connected to Bran Castle is Queen Mary of Romania. The castle „comes with several centuries’ worth of history clinging to its sheer walls (proven to be cannonball-resistant, no surveyor’s report required). First records of a fortress on this spot date back to 1211. Since then it has been through numerous fortifications and invasions (for many years, it stood in the path of invading Turks)”, The Telegraph wrote. Photo:



castelul-corvinilorHunedoara Castle. Less famous than Bran, this building is a Gothic Renaissance castle located in Transylvania. The spectacular views makes it attractive for documentaries and movies. Photo:


fagarasFagaras Fortress. Ranked no.2 in a recent top of world’s 10 best castles. „Situated right in the heart of central Romania, the Fagaras fortress in the town of the same name represents one of Eastern Europe’s largest and best-preserved feudal Castle complexes”, according to Huffington Post. Photo:


sibiuMedieval city of Sibiu. „It is one of the loveliest and best-preserved medieval cities in Europe. At the foot of the Carpathian mountains in the heart of Transylvania, Hermannstadt, the German name of Sibiu, was founded by German settlers in 1150 AD. Today it’s a veritable melting pot of cultures, languages and religions”, according to Deutsche Welle European Journal. Sibiu was the Cultural Capital of Europe in 2007.  Photo:



sighisoaraSighisoara. „Having still the authentic pattern of medieval architecture, Sighisoara is one of the few fortified towns to be inhabited. It has been listed by the UNESCO as a World Heritage Site”, Romania-insider wrote. Sighisoara is also the place where the former Valachian ruler Vlad the Impaler was born. Photo:


Thunderstorm clouds over the Danube DelDanube Delta.  This is the place where the River Danube ends its long journey from Black Forest mountains in Germany to Black Sea. It the „naturalists’ paradise”, Daily Mail writer said. „I’ve been lucky enough to visit many of the richest wildlife areas in Europe – including the Camargue in southern France and the Coto Donana in southern Spain – but I’ve never experienced anything like this. We were all bowled over by the sheer quantity of spectacular birds wherever we looked, and what made it even better was that most of them seemed to be quite unconcerned at our presence”, David Milne wrote in an article called “The Danube Delta is a paradise for iconic birds – and for naturalists”.


2 thoughts on “Travel: 10 must see places in Romania

  1. You should also consider Transalpina. For me it’s more spectacular than Transfagarasan. And also, check out Cetatea Poienari, most people overlook it but it’s stunning.

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