Presidential elections in Romania


The current prime-minister, Victor Ponta (Socialist) and the leader of the opposition, Klaus Iohannis (Liberal) would probably face in a secound round for the Presidential elections in Romania. According to polls, in the elections scheduled on Sunday, Nov 2, Victor Ponta would win between one third and 40% of the votes, and Klaus Iohannis-less than one third.


The campaign has been marked less by the candidates’ speeches and more by the arrests done by the anticorruption prosecutors in cases involving politicians, many of them linked to Ponta’s party, the Social-Democrats (PSD).

Also, both Ponta and Iohannis have had to reply to various accusations during the campaign- while the PM was accused of being a former undercover intelligence officer, his challenger, Iohannis, had to answer to accusations of being a “baby broker” in the 90s, when the international adoptions in Romania were allowed for the first time after the end of communism.Both candidates denied the accusations.

Romania needs to carry out reforms quickly, particularly in public administration, according to AFP.

The recession-hit economy is desperately in need of a boost in a country where the average monthly salary is 380 euros ($480) and more then 20 percent of under-25s are unemployed, according to official statistics. Foreign investments have dropped in the past five quarters, mainly due to Romania’s chronic incapacity to manage investment programmes or correctly use European funds, says AFP.


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