Elections for Parliament in Moldova


In Republic of Moldova, the Pro-European political parties and the pro-Eastern side are expected to share almost equally the number of seats at the elections for Parliament, scheduled on November 30, according to opinion polls. Experts believe this could reflect also how divided are the citizens of R. Moldova: 44% of them say the country should be closer to EU, while 43% to Russia.

 According to the last opinion poll, the Communist Party would get almost 20% and the Liberal Democratic Party (pro-European)-more than 17%. The others are split between the other pro-Western parties and the pro-Russians.

There are three post-elections scenarios, the expert told the Romanian website gandul.info: one is a coalition of the pro-European parties, another is a coalition of the center-left,pro-Eastern parties and the third one is a mix between two pro-Western parties and the communists.

Communists‘ Party is reported to have a new political platform, more oriented to reforms and to EU, but this could be just a trick, and in the end bring the country closer to Kremlin, Romanian analysts say.

Will the Facebook Revolution move to Chisinau?”, gandul.info titled, making an analogy to Romanian Presidential elections in November 16, when the social networks were reported to have an unprecedented role in mobilizing the people to vote.

An election in ex-Soviet Moldova next weekend will decide how closely it sticks to its path of European integration in defiance of Russia, as neighboring Ukraine struggles to handle a war triggered by following a similar pro-Europe line. The country – one of Europe’s smallest and poorest on the western rim of the old Soviet Union – has moved closer to the European mainstream than any other ex-Soviet republic, barring the Baltic states.”, Reuters comments.


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