Saving Private Max


An online and media campaign to save a former military dog who served in Afghanistan with the Romanian Army bring results. Max, a German shepherd who caught a disease, was initially abandoned by the Romanian Army, because of the costs of the treatment, but following an online petition and media reports the Government says it will change the law in order to be able to provide funds for the dog.

Max served as a “bomb disposal” dog in the war in Afghanistan and was also shown in pictures during a military parade year ago in Bucharest. Later he catched a disease and the Army abandoned him saying the law didn’t allow them to spend money for the treatment of a dog.

Five years old, Max has been saved from the council shelter by an activist, who also brought the story into the spotlight. An online petition to help Max has gathered more than 25000 signatures and traditional media also made appeals to save the dog.

In the end, the Minister of Defence said the law would be changed and Max would be helped with the treatment.

Media reports say Max is the only dog in Romania trained to detect explosives and was two times in mission in Afghanistan.

Photo: Mediafax/


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