Gone in 60 seconds: The “Romanian Criminals Academy”

The members of a gang which called itself „The Academy of Romanian Criminals” have been convicted to a total of 60 years in prison. „The Academy” stole jewels and watches with a total value of 10 millions Euros from several European countries, including UK, Germany and France.
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Bribe affair in the family of the Romanian President

President’s brother while filmed with hidden camera

Mircea Basescu, Romanian’s President brother, has been arrested for receiving 250 000 Euros from underworld members in order to interfere with Justice and influence a Court decision. Hidden camera footage showing M. Basescu while discussed the deal with members of the clan has been broadcasted on Romanian stations during prime-time. Although he didn’t succeed to change the conviction, he refused to return the illegal payment to the underworld. The whole story brings a lot of questions and suspicions over the President himself, Traian Basescu, just five months before he ends his term; and it comes around somebody who has crusaded for years against corruption. Continue reading “Bribe affair in the family of the Romanian President”

7 paintings stolen by Romanian gang from Rotterdam

A witness in the trial of the Romanians involved in Kunsthal art heist in Rotterdam, close to one of the thieves’ family, said in Court that investigators had promised, during the inquiry, to pay her if she would reveal where the paintings were hidden by the suspects, Romanian media reported. None of the paintings has been found yet, one year and a half after 7 valuable paintings were stolen in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Continue reading “7 paintings stolen by Romanian gang from Rotterdam”

Kunsthal art heist

British police captured yesterday in Manchester a man who allegedly entered Kunsthal Museum in Rotterdam, Netherlands, last year and stole seven valuable paintings, together with Radu Dogaru, the ringleader who is now in jail in Romania, Romanian police sources told news agency Mediafax. Adrian Procop was missing and he was captured in UK by Interpol Manchester.

Procop had an European arrest warrant issued on his name.  A request for extradition to Romania is scheduled today.

Kunsthal art heist

Radu Dogaru and Eugen Darie, two of the Romanians involved in Kunsthal art heist in Rotterdam, have been sentenced to 6 years and 8 months in prison, Mediafax news agency reported. Dogaru and Darie admitted they stolen 7 paintings, including Matisse, Picasso and Gauguin, from the Kunsthal museum, located in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Dogaru and Darie can make appeal within 10 days, judge in Bucharest, Romania, decided.

Trial will continue on December 3 for other three persons involved including Olga Dogaru, Radu’s mother. Olga Dogaru stated to the prosecutors she had burned the painting to destroy evidence, but later she retracted.

Gold mine project divides Romanians

Second day of protests in Bucharest against a gold mine project ended yesterday evening with young protesters occupying for some time a central boulevard of the Romanian Capital. Rosia Montana gold mine project, located in western Romania (Alba county, Apuseni mountains) is controversial because of the technology the owner, Canadian company Gabriel Resources, plans to use. Various groups, some locals and politicians say the technology would damage the area, creating big environmental troubles. The protests has started when the Government decided to sent a bill to Parliament that basically is giving the OK to extract gold at Rosia Montana.
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