Black Sea: Moving along the beach


Photo taken by Traian Olinici


Quoted on “Nicolae Ceausescu” wikipedia page

Wikipedia page “Nicolae Ceausescu” quotes a news posted on the blog about the hypothetical popularity of the deceased Romanian dictator. According to the news, a poll released in 2014 said that  “66% of the Romanians would vote for Ceausescu”.

New polls in 2015 said 43% of the Romanians would vote for Ceausescu, while more than half believed the dictator was “a good leader”.

Experts believe the high percentage actually says that most of the Romanians are dissapointed with Romania’s slow progress in the last 25 years; the real percentage of Ceausescu’s nostalgics is much smaller, they added.


From propaganda to Hollywood comedy

closer-to-the-moon-703176l-imagineA mysterious bank robbery in communist Romania (1959), an event that seemed unimaginable at that moment, has become inspiration for films over the last 50 years. First, the communist regime made a propaganda film to reconstitute the robbery, with the authors playing themselves, then, after fall of communism, it has become the subject of a documentary. Last is the Hollywood style comedy drama “Closer to the Moon”, by the Romanian director Nae Caranfil and starring Vera Farmiga and Mark Strong.  From the historical perspective, a question is still without a clear answer: what was the real motivation of the six people who commited the robbery? Continue reading “From propaganda to Hollywood comedy”

The other side of the story: Bucharest

Bucharest, Romania’s capital city, now an emerging city with more than 2 millions people inhabitants, is often seen in the international news in connection with several things that made “history” in the last decades. One of them is of course the legacy of Ceausescu, other is the poverty that brought beggars into the streets, and, of course, the stray dogs.

But for sure there is another side of the city not explored too much in the mainstream media. ARTE programme Metropolis has done it recently, helped by a Romanian actress, Ada Condeescu, the painter Nicolae Comanescu, the architect Cristian Corvin and in the end of the story the atmosphere was more intense, helped by a traditional Gypsy band well known in Germany, Mahala Rai Banda. Here is a shorter version of the ARTE TV story:



UK based companies, top employers in Romania

UKflagThe number of jobs posted by England based companies on Romanian jobs websites is much higher than those posted, together, by companies in Germany, France, Italy and Spain, countries traditionally known as favourite destinations for Romanians looking to work abroad. According to statistics on, in England are more than 7000 jobs available.
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