The fisherman and the Black Sea


Photo taken in November 2015. Vama Veche, Romania.


Quoted on “Nicolae Ceausescu” wikipedia page

Wikipedia page “Nicolae Ceausescu” quotes a news posted on the blog about the hypothetical popularity of the deceased Romanian dictator. According to the news, a poll released in 2014 said that  “66% of the Romanians would vote for Ceausescu”.

New polls in 2015 said 43% of the Romanians would vote for Ceausescu, while more than half believed the dictator was “a good leader”.

Experts believe the high percentage actually says that most of the Romanians are dissapointed with Romania’s slow progress in the last 25 years; the real percentage of Ceausescu’s nostalgics is much smaller, they added.


US Army convoy in Romania

Aerial footage with a US military convoy in Romania, which has been made public by news websites, shows a train transporting 100 armoured vehicles to a military base near the Black Sea, Romanian media reported.

According to media, the NATO train reached the Mihail Kogalniceanu military base on Saturday.

NATO says Navy forces from Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey are involved in exercises at the Black Sea, including antiaircraft and antisubmarine simulation. Also the Romanian Government recently announced that two NATO command centers would be operable in Romanian Capital city, Bucharest.

Saving Private Max


An online and media campaign to save a former military dog who served in Afghanistan with the Romanian Army bring results. Max, a German shepherd who caught a disease, was initially abandoned by the Romanian Army, because of the costs of the treatment, but following an online petition and media reports the Government says it will change the law in order to be able to provide funds for the dog.

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