Danube, the border between Romania and Bulgaria


One third of the EU population lives in cross-border areas, says European Commission. Here is a photo from the Danube, at the border between Romania (Giurgiu) and Bulgaria (Rousse).


Elections for Parliament in Moldova


In Republic of Moldova, the Pro-European political parties and the pro-Eastern side are expected to share almost equally the number of seats at the elections for Parliament, scheduled on November 30, according to opinion polls. Experts believe this could reflect also how divided are the citizens of R. Moldova: 44% of them say the country should be closer to EU, while 43% to Russia. Continue reading “Elections for Parliament in Moldova”

News report

rogozinIt began with a state visit by Dmitri Rogozin, the Russian deputy prime minister to a separatist enclave in another country and it ended with Russia threatening economic retribution against several European nations, according to a New York Times article describing the diplomatic tensions around Moscow official’s visit to Transnistria. His plane was not allowed to fly over Romania because of the EU sanctions against Russia and raided by police in Republic of Moldova. “An unapologetic nationalist, he is best known to users of social networks for his shows of defiant and undiplomatic bravado. “Crimea is ours. Basta,” Mr. Rogozin said on Twitter, using the Italian word for “enough,” during a visit to the Crimean Peninsula in late March as tensions soared between Russia and the United States.”, NY Times corespondent in Moscow describes D. Rogozin, “the central figure in the diplomatic drama”. Continue reading “News report”

Northern Europe, confronted with Roma migration

Roma_NorwayNorway, one of the European countries affected by migration of Roma population from Eastern Europe, will send funds to Romania, to help integrate Roma in the region of Buzau, local media in Romania reported. Money (900 000 EUR) are offered by Mayorial Office in Oslo, the Norwegian city most affected by waves of migration from Romania.

“There are many Roma from Buzau in Oslo. We want to help them to develop themselves as a community in Romania”, Anna Hossess, an Oslo Mayor Office representative stated.
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Jan 1st, 2014: Opening the EU gates

Photo: Traian Olinici
Photo: Traian Olinici

It’s a very cold morning in Bucharest, Romania, but several hundreds of people are preparing their suitcases, sitting right in the street. Buses are waiting for them, while the drivers are checking the travelling papers. There are people of different ages, all of them prepared to spend the next more than 48 hours in bus, taking them to countries like Germany, Netherlands or even Luxembourg.  No bus to UK, this time, but usually there are also 2 or 3 buses to this country. Some of them are going to work, some of them just visiting their families working, most of them in Germany, so for them it maybe a winter holiday-but still far away from home; and you cannot see Santa Claus around or hear „Jingle bells”.

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Republic of Moldova’s agreement with EU

RepublicofMoldovaRepublic of Moldova’s partnership with European Union, signed in Vilnius, reopens, especially in Bucharest, the debate on possible unification with Romania. The former Romanian province, part of USSR during the Cold War, is now an independent republic and one of the poorest countries in Europe.

Moldova’s leaders have signed the EU association agreement during Vilnius eastern partnership summit, a move that is welcomed by Moldova’s pro-Western politicians and Romanian authorities, but rejected by the Moscow and their supporters, mainly the Communist Party, in the small country located right at the EU border.

“Reunification with Moldova is the next big project of Romania”, Romanian President Traian Basescu stated several days ago.

“Basescu has to stop making this kind of statements, because he is creating a big problem in the region”, a communist politician in Republic of Moldova, Artur Resetnicov commented.